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Shalam offers a highly reliable service as well as plenty of flexibility to meet client specific needs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and account management  

Tech 1 

Investment in Technology gives us a competitive edge in the market. It allows us to deliver high quality products and customer service with cost saving efficiency. It enables us to quickly adjust to our clients’ needs, be flexible and effective in our account management.

Tech 2 

Food Standard Accreditation. Shalam holds BRC accreditations category 1. Quality, cleanliness, traceability and staff training are assured through strict adherence to guidelines and procedures, supervised by QA management. We welcome audits by our clients.

Tech 3 

Tool Room. Shalam’s in-house tool room assures our customers the continuity of supply. We maintain and repair our moulds on-site to ensure our customers are not interrupted when something goes wrong. Our engineers also make our moulds for us so we are confident of their quality and sustainability.

Tech 4 

Bespoke Solutions. Our design team and engineers can develop bespoke solutions. Be it a unique container to make your product stand out, a special feature on the container or any other plastic product where injection moulding would be a solution. We will work with you to deliver any project from start to finish.

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